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VW Transporter Sound Deadening

Have you ever considered having applying sound deadening to your Transporter? Whilst VW Transporters are considered the premium option when you are buying a commercial vehicle for leisure & recreational use they will still leave the factory with as a commercial vehicle.

By applying sound deadening to the internal panels for your VW Transporter this will reduce the amount of movement of the panels when the vehicle is on the road. This will also reduce road noise overall and make for a more premium automotive feel when you are driving your VW Transporter.

At Mojo Vans we carry out all of our sound deadening at our workshop in Derby. This can be carried out to VW Transporter T6, T5 and T4. The team will start be removing the factory ply panels from the inside of the vehicle and cleaning down the small amount of insulation added at factory. The sound deadening pads are then applied to all of the internal panels of the van. This includes the complete roof panel, the tailgate, wheels arches, the sliding doors and the rear mid panels. At Mojo Vans we are not sparing with the application of the sound deadening pads and we fully apply to all of the internal panels in a neat, tidy and professional manner.

The process to sound deaden the interior takes around 6 hours from stripping and cleaning down the interior down, applying the sound deadening to build the ply panels back up.

If you are interested in finding out more on the sound deadening process for your VW Transporter or would like to receive a quote to have your vehicle sound deadened then the team at Mojo Vans would be happy to chat further!

Whilst our VW Transporter conversions are carried out in our Derby workshops with cover all of the surrounding areas of Leicester, Nottingham, Stafford, Stoke, Uttoxeter, Derbyshire with free collection and deliver we also offer nationwide collection and delivery if you are further a field from our South Derbyshire location. So if you are a little further a field than us then this isn't a problem.

Coming Soon!

In our next blog post we will tell you more on the process of insulating the interior of your VW Transporter. We will explain the benefits and