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Vehicle Order Process
Mojo Vehicle Sales Limited have prepared this step-by-step guide to make things even easier. If you have any questions at all regarding this process please contact us.
Step 1: Choose the vehicle you would like to lease.
Mojo Vehicle Sales have access to any makes and models of cars and  vans through our nationwide network of main dealer groups. So, if there is a car you fancy leasing we will be able to source it for you. As we can factory order lease cars/vans, you can build your vehicle from the ground up just how you like it! Our deals are available for both personal and business lease.
Step 2: Establish a credit line.
A lease is no different to any other finance agreement in the sense that Mojo Vehicle Sales require all customers to go through a credit check. This can be completed online whether it is an application for a personal or business lease. We will be unable to process any lease without a credit check and subsequent credit approval. Please note this credit check will leave a footprint on your credit history.
Step 3: Place your leasing order with Mojo Vehicle Sales Limited
Once we have received confirmation of credit approval from the chosen lender, we will be able to generate your lease agreement and order form, also known as 'the paperwork'! This is made up of several documents; one is our Order Form. Please read through this, checking that all your personal details are correct, but most importantly the make, model, specification, colour and interior of your chosen lease vehicle are 100% correct. The form will need to be signed and returned to us. Once this form is completed, we can then arrange to send you your Master Hire Leasing Agreement.
Step 4: Your order is placed with one of our dealers.
Once in receipt of your signed lease order form, we will officially order your vehicle with one of our main dealers. Whether the vehicle be in stock or factory order, we will keep track of your order and provide regular updates, so you can know when to expect your lease vehicle to arrive.
Step 5: Sign your lease agreement.
This is the main paperwork part of your lease. Known as Master Hire Agreement, depending on what finance funder used this may be a hard copy or signed online using an E-Signature. We may also require a copy of your Driver's Licence, a recent utility bill and/or bank statements to verify who you are. This process is known as Know Your Customer (KYC). Please note, we will be unable to arrange delivery of your new lease vehicle without a completed agreement that has been checked and authorised.
Step 6: Cooling off period.
As soon as you sign the Master Hire Agreement your cooling off period (a 14-day period of time where you’re allowed to withdraw your order if you change your mind) will start, it ends 14 days from the date you signed the document.
NB: The cooling off period differs if you take out a business lease. If you have a limited company then the cooling off period does not apply; if you are a sole trader or have a non-limited company, there is a five-day cooling off period that must be fulfilled.
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